With 22 doctors, 14 specialties, and in-house radiology and lab,
your trips to the doctor are more convenient.


Sleep Lab

Do you suspect you or a family member suffers from a sleep disorder?  At HMC’s Accredited Sleep Center in Sugar Land your sleep patterns and habits can be monitored closely by polysomnographic technicians under the supervision of board certified physicians specializing in sleep disorders.


We maintain a state of the art, ARC-accredited, in-house radiology department to provide you with fast and accurate diagnoses and speed up your road to recovery.


HMC is home to a full-service laboratory for your health and convenience.


Saturday Clinics at Sugar Land

Saturday clinic hours are available at the Sugar Land office with the following doctors:

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Weekday Lunch Appointments from 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Lunch-hour appointments are currently offered by:

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Early Morning Appointments             at 8:00 AM

Early morning appointments are offered by:

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